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Cloud Maps

I generate a daily global cloud map (created 23 Mar 2018, 01:00 GMT) using GOES, METEOSAT, and GMS satellite imagery downloaded from the Geostationary Satellite Imagery page at Dundee University. You can use these maps with Xplanet with the cloud_map option in the configuration file.

The cloud map creation time is embedded as a JPEG comment in the file. These images are not real snapshots nor are they particularly accurate; they are mosaics created from geostationary weather satellite images. The times of the source images may differ by several hours since they are only available at limited times during the day. The cloud maps are not calibrated or carefully geolocated. They are only meant to make the earth look pretty!

You can also use lower-resolution cloud maps from the Space Science and Engineering Center at the University of Wisconsin. Their Global Satellite Composites are updated every three hours. Use the cloud_ssec option in the configuration file for versions later than 1.0, or the -cloud_ssec option for versions before 1.0.

A very high resolution (8192x4096 pixel) static cloud map can be found at the Visible Earth site.

Cloud Map Subscriptions

Higher resolution global cloud maps created every three hours are available by subscription from

ProductPrice (US Dollars)
2048x1024 pixel JPEG image (1 year subscription) 15
4096x2048 pixel JPEG image (1 year subscription) 45
8192x4096 pixel JPEG image (1 year subscription) 90