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Xplanet was inspired by Xearth, which renders an image of the earth into the X root window. All of the major planets and most satellites can be drawn, similar to the Solar System Simulator. A number of different map projections are also supported, including azimuthal, Lambert, Mercator, Mollweide, orthographic, and rectangular.

Here are some representative screenshots on FreeBSD 5.1 with the Enlightenment window manager and a few transparent aterms.

Io from Mercury Earth from Moon

Xplanet is free software, distributed according to the terms of the GNU General Public License.

I've compiled and run Xplanet successfully on i386 GNU/Linux systems, Sparc Solaris, FreeBSD, and Microsoft Windows under the Cygwin environment. Xplanet runs under Darwin and X windows as well as under Mac OS X with Aqua.

If you find any bugs or have any comments, please visit the Discussion Forums.